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Introducing the handmade Tulip Tetouan Antique Cushion with Gold Fringe, crafted with love in Kerikeri, New Zealand. This exquisite cushion features a beautiful combination of Tulips, the symbol of love, and Tetouan, an ancient and historical city in Morocco. Mokum has brought this unique blend to life with a stunning fabric that exudes elegance and style, while the gold fringe provides a perfect finishing touch.


Made with a blend of high-quality materials including 42%CO, 33%VI, and 25%PL, this cushion is not just visually appealing but also durable and long-lasting. 


The Tulip Tetouan Pearl Cushion with Cream Fringe is the perfect addition to bring a sense of elegance and history into your home.

Tulip Tetouan Antique Cushion with Gold Fringe

    • 42%CO
    • 33% VI
    • 25% PL
    • 100% polyester fringing
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