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About Us


A 30-year veteran of the design and manufacturing industry, Upriver’s founder Rebecca has had a lifelong love affair with fabric and the simple beauty it imparts on any room. From women’s clothing to soft furnishing commissions for interior designers, Rebecca’s expertise lies in sewing and manufacturing.

Captivated by how soft furnishings and fabric could transform any project, catapulting it from the banal to the breathtaking. She sought to become a part of the end result by offering beautiful cushions of superb quality that serve as the finishing touch to any home décor or interior design project.

Upriver was inspired by the beauty and texture of fabrics and how the combination of textiles can take a commonplace setting and turn it into a thing of beauty. With a passion for fabric and an eye for detail, Upriver is a family-run soft furnishings business founded in 2008 that is dedicated to offering the highest quality cushions for your home or interior design project.


Upriver soft furnishings will add sophistication and style to any room of your home. Currently, we have designer cushion covers and inners available for purchase online to be shipped directly to you.

We are excitedly working to offer coordinating table and bed linens in the future. 

Upriver is proud to collaborate with interior designers to offer soft furnishings that will add the final flourish to any project—whether private or commercial and no matter how big or small. Get in touch here, today to discuss commissions or bulk purchases of designer cushions.



We partner with distinguished textile houses to offer you the latest designer fabrics of impeccable quality, taste and style. Learn more about our suppliers below.

Warwick: A leading fabric and textile wholesaler, Warwick consistently updates and innovates with extensive collections that run the gamut from classic prints to contemporary weaves.

James Dunlop: This century-old company continues to be a trailblazer in the industry and offers an unparalleled standard of excellence with a strong focus on sustainable, performance-driven textiles.

Hemptech: Committed to the best environmental practices, Hemptech’s focus is on creating original high-quality natural fabrics, particularly linen and hemp, that are sustainable, biodegradable and recyclable.

Icon: A prominent New Zealand-based supplier of quality furnishing fabrics, Icon represents some of the world’s finest textile brands, such as Designers Guild, Ralph Lauren, Cole & Son and others.

Tobfab: This top supplier of specialty fabrics offers upholstery collections designed with style, performance and durability in mind.

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Put the finishing touches on your home with luxurious soft furnishings.

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